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Mantic Posts New DreadBall Previews

DreadBall is Mantic's sci-fi, high-impact, fantasy sports game. Pass, tackle, and shoot your way to the victory circle. As part of the Year of New Editions, they are coming out with a 2nd Edition of the game, coming via a Kickstarter campaign that will be launching in just over a week (the 22nd, to be specific). Well, Mantic's posted up some new preview artwork, as well as some details about what you can expect in this new version.

Mantic is certainly one to listen to customer feedback. They've got some new artwork designs for the various teams that they're showing off. Based on what you said about the first round of previews, they've made some alterations. So feel free to let them know how you think this new set looks. They also have a look at the new Referee-Bot, with several head styles to check out. Finally, they have artwork for a Kickstarter-exclusive coach model that will be part of the campaign. Coaches are getting an overhaul in how they work, too. It'll be interesting to see how all that comes together on the field.