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Mantic Podcast Episode 10: Bumper End-Of-Summer Edition posted online

Mantic has posted episode 10 of their podcast up on their blog page for your listening pleasure.


In this episode:

It’s that time again! In this extra-special episode of the podcast we’ve got plenty of exciting stuff to talk about, including DreadBall Season 3!

Here’s the breakdown:

00:00:13 – 00:02:35 Introduction with Ben and James
00:02:30 – 00:16:55 Alessio Cavatore talks Mantic, discussing Kings of War, Kickstarter and LOKA
00:17:05 – 00:42:35 Mantic’s commander-in-chief Ronnie Renton answers a load of questions from the Mantic community.
00:42:42 – 01:09:28 Jake Thornton is joined by graphic designer and Forge Father obsessive Chris “Curis” Webb to talk about DreadBall Ultimate and answer some more questions!
01:09:36 – 01:26:32 Chris Palmer drops some knowledge on the subject of Mantic’s newest project, Mars Attacks!