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Mantic Ork Krudger preview

Mantic Games have sent along a photo of the next figures that will comprise the first six miniatures in their blister pack range of 28mm metal fantasy miniatures - the Ork Krudger.

Ork Krudger

From their announcement:
New Mantic Blister Announced
On Friday, we broke the news that Mantic were launching their new Blister range and announced the first four models in the range. This week, we got our hands on exclusive first look images on the two brand new figures in the initial wave of six blisters, including this awesome new Orc Krudger on Foot.

With each of the races catered for with a blister pack each, rumours of the sixth blister being for a new race have been circulating… but you’ll have to check back later in the week to see more!