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Mantic Orc Week - Morax previewed

Mantic Games have posted a preview of the 28mm fantasy Orc Moraxs. Orc Moraxs From their announcement:
The Orc range is about to be bolstered by the Morax. These fearsome warriors aren’t content with wielding just one axe oh no, they need to have more, and now you’ll be able to field these excellent models in your Orc army. A metal hybrid kit, those of you who own our Abyssal Dwarfs will provide testimony to how well the kits go together and paint up, and these Morax add a swathe of new heads and weapons to our ever-expanding Orc army, as well as being very capable of dishing out the damage in Kings of War (don’t believe us? Check out the Army List). These figures are now available to pre-order (and don’t forget you’ll get a free Journal if you spend over £50) and, as ever, drop us a comment below, let us know what you think and maybe we’ll show you the Gore Riders…