Mantic Open Day Venue Change

Mantic has changed the location of their Open Day event to their new headquarters location.



From the update:

After securing the new space and redecorating, we decided the best way to celebrate was to hold the Open Day there – yes, that means the Open Day is moving location! Originally we were going to hold it at the Marcus Garvey Ballroom, but the new building is ready so, what better time to give everyone the chance to explore the new premises, check out some new projects, and come chat with us?

It’s not far at all from the Marcus Garvey Ballroom, but we did want to give you plenty of warning.

The new address is 193 Hempshill Lane, Nottingham NG6 8PF, and we’d love it if you came and joined us on the 17th of May for a day of mayhem, gaming and a couple of really cool on the day surprises.