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Mantic Open Day Seminars wants your questions

Mantic Games is looking for questions for their Mantic Open Day Seminars. From their announcement:
A slight change in billing – if you want to enter The Orcies painting competition, either email us your photographs at or post your photos on our Facebook wall tagged as Mantic Painting Competition (Category Name) – we’ll announce the winners on the weekend. Remember, Friday 10pm – don’t miss it. Of course, the other thing we don’t want you to miss out on are the three seminars running at 10:30, 12:30 and 3:15 on Saturday – yesterday we asked you to submit questions for Ronnie, Alessio and Jake via our blog, Facebook and Twitter. Some great questions have been coming in so far, but we want more. Submit them below, post them on Facebook or Tweet them to us. And with that, make sure you check back tomorrow to find out what limited edition figures we have on sale over the weekend.