Mantic Open Day May 17th

Mantic is throwing open their doors and inviting everyone inside. Will you be there on May 17th?


From the announcement:

Mantic is invading the Marcus Garvey centre in Nottingham on the 17th May for an Open Day, and we want you to come and see us.

It’s going to be an action packed games day full of things to do including:

Learn to play: take a tour of Nexus Psi or suit up and get out for training on the pitches of the far future as our Pathfinders teach you how to play Deadzone, DreadBall, Kings of War and more.

Beware the Perils of the Jungle: 24 players, 12 pitches, 1 Trophy. Download your tournament pack, bring your team and compete to become Azure Forest Champion. Tickets are in strictly limited quantities.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: help us break the record for the largest game of Kings of War ever! All you need is a fantasy army. Come along and repel the Abyssal Dwarf invaders on Nick Williams amazing hellfire board!

Plus more to come!