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Mantic Open Day is nearly here

The Mantic Games Open Day is coming soon and Mantic have posted details of some of the events that be held there. From their announcement:
We’ve already got more people coming than last year but there are still more tickets available. Here’s just a snippet of some of the things going on at the Mantic Open Day:   Descent of the Liche King A linked game of Kings of War and Dwarf King’s Hold pits the dread Liche King against the stalwart Dwarfs. The Liche King's Wrath will be felt at the Open Day... The outcome of the Kings of War game wil have a marked affect on the scenario played in Dwarfs King’s Hold, and the two games will be run by their respective authors, Alessio Cavatore and Jake Thornton. Places for these games are limited so we will be offering free tickets to those of you who have already bought an Open Day ticket to participate next week – so if you want in, get your Open Day ticket here now. We’ll also be running extra demos of Kings of War, Dwarf King’s Hold (both Dead Rising and previews of Green Menace) and our extra special Dwarf King’s Hold 3-Up Game throughout the day, so there's still plenty to see and do!