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Mantic on Kickstarter for Kings of War!

Mantic Games has a Kickstarter project going for their Kings of War line. It's been a pretty big day for those today, hasn't it?

From the project:

Mantic Games is a small company looking to do big things. In June, we’re launching Kings of War – a mass combat fantasy battle game.

We’ve got the game, we’ve got a gorgeous range of miniatures, but you deserve more, so we’ve set up this Kickstarter so we can go about delivering it.
Why Kickstarter?

We want to make collecting big armies as easy as possible and the funds from this Kickstarter will go towards bringing out new miniature kits quicker whilst allowing us to bring you cool rewards like exclusive miniatures, wound counters, unit cards and more – all the things we’ve wanted to do but haven’t been able to... until now!