Mantic offering free Ghouls

Mantic Games are offering free Ghoul miniatures to gamers.


From their announcement:

This month sees the launch of a new product from one of Europe’s most innovative war games manufacturers, Mantic Games. Mantic are releasing the much awaited ‘Undead Warhost’ – and to celebrate this Mantic have teamed up with Europe’s leading independent retailer, Wayland Games to bring you a free taste of what’s to come.

The Ghouls, in particular, have left everyone ‘drooling’, but the customer is the best judge and in an unprecedented gesture Mantic Games is going to give gamers a chance to try the new figure out for free. To do this Mantic Games has partnered with Wayland Games to give away the free sprues of the Ghoul miniatures.

All gamers have to do is follow this link, fill out the form to sign up to the joint Mantic and Wayland newsletters, and an absolutely free sprue of the incredible new Mantic Ghouls will be sent through the post. It’s as simple as that.