Mantic offer free shipping to the US

To celebrate their attendance at Gen Con, Mantic Games are offering free shipping to orders in the US.

From their announcement:

Last weekend’s Beasts of War seems have caused quite a stir in the community and with so much to digest you’d be forgiven for having missed something.

That’s less of a concern for our American cousins who are popping down to GenCon this weekend as Ronnie and Jim are there at booth 1415 and are on-hand to answer all of yours questions, wax lyrical about all things Mantic and show-off the new miniatures.
GenCon is touted as the best four days in wargaming and not only can you get hold of everything from the Mantic range, we also have a few pre-release sets available, some of the new models and three-ups of the Zombies to show-off.

To celebrate our attendance at GenCon and our love of all the American wargamers out there, we’re offering free shipping to the United States until the end of Gencon. If you can’t get down to GenCon and pick up those Undead sets you’ve wanted to get hold of, you needn’t worry. Pop onto the website and we’ll post them out free of charge – it’s almost like you’re there, though you will miss out on Ronnie’s witty banter.

Please note that this will only apply to orders made in dollars.