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Mantic metal price rise

Mantic Games is raising the price of their metal figures. From their website:
As is becoming increasingly aware in the hobby community, the price of the metal that is used to cast our beloved miniatures is going up. Some decided to switch to a cheaper material and raise their prices, whilst others try to absorb it. We’ve been doing the latter and, whilst we have switched some metal over to Plastic Resin such as the new Wraiths, this simply is not possible with all the metals we have. Because of this, whilst we’ve been absorbing the increasing prices to the best of our ability, it is with regret that we have to raise the prices of our metal sets. The good news is that this price increase is not happening until the 21st June, so there is still time to get the sets you want and, of course, the price of our plastics remains the same (affordable), the price of our rulebook remains the same (it’s free!) and the price of our army lists also remain the same (they’re free too!) – this really is only because we have too!