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Mantic Marauders available for pre-order

Mantic Games has the Marauders for pre-order.

From their website:

Raptors can be found in everything from the Fate of the Forgestar Battle set to the Ultimate Marauder Army, which includes 6 of them!

All this week on the blog we’ve been taking a look at what’s gone into designing the Marauders and all of the individual boxes are now available to pre-order, including the Marauder Army Set. We’ve really tried to pack as much value in as possible, and the Army Set retails at just 2/3 of what the sets cost individually.

Each of the grunts in the set can be made individual as there are a range of heads, blades, pistols, and accessories across the sprues - there's even enough bits to build a heavy weapons team or two! Each Army Set also includes the Warpath Rules, edited by Alessio in response to your feedback.

Don’t forget that you can pick up all of the Marauders (and the Forge Fathers too!) in our Warpath Army Deals – the Ultimate Warpath Army Deal contains over 130 miniatures, 3 of each vehicle, free Warpath Rules, 2 free metal heros and a free exclusive T-Shirt. These T-shirts are now highly limited and stock is in short supply, so don’t miss out – get yours whilst you can!