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Mantic Launches Warpath Kickstarter

Mantic is wasting no time this week with the big news. They've launched their Kickstarter campaign for Warpath. Seems that people are pretty excited about the launch (as they should be, to be fair), as the campaign rocketed past their initial goal and has more than doubled that total (quickly headed toward triple-funded, if they're not already there by the time you read this). Warpath is Mantic's sci-fi army-sized combat miniatures game (in case you'd forgotten).

This campaign contains two different versions of Warpath within it. There's Warpath, which is the "full-sized army" game while Warpath: Firefight is a smaller-sized game (in terms of minis on the table), where your armies will have about 30 figures per side (so not really a "skirmish" game, where you might only have 10 or so, but not the full-size game with dozens and dozens of figures).

The campaign's not a very long one, with only 20 days on the clock.