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Mantic launches Kings of War Kickstarter

Mantic got their new Kings of War Kickstarter underway. It's already more than 3x funded.


From the campaign:

Kings of War is the two-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies of brave warriors and devastating cavalry clash against powerful wizards and fantastical monsters – all on your tabletop.

As the general of a mighty army, you will build your force by collecting new units of troops - and lead them to battle using the game’s simple rules, seeking victory and the spoils of war!

This Kickstarter is to fund the 2nd Edition Kings of War Hardback Rulebook, a new tome that will build on the previous edition to create a bigger and better game.

It will include:

Enhanced Game Play - with improvements to the rules to improve the strategy, speed and simplicity in the game.
Refreshed Army Lists - all armies will be updated and rebalanced, and new units and new armies will be added to the core rulebook.
Fantastic New Art - an update to the art library throughout the book to bring the world to life.
Develop the Background - exploring the fantasy world and each of the factions like never before.
and more!

Kings of War 2nd Edition grew out of gamer demand. After thousands of games and numerous tournaments played across the globe over the last 4 years the gaming community saw opportunity to streamline and develop the rules and army lists to an even higher level. The new rule set will allow you to play exciting games with huge armies - from start to finish in an evening. The background will let you engross yourself in the world of Kings of War and its history, and study your opponent’s force and the units at his disposal - so you can plan their defeat!