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Mantic Launches DreadBall 2nd Edition Kickstarter

And there's the starting gun. Mantic has launched their Kickstarter campaign for their 2nd edition of DreadBall (taking full part in the Year of New Editions). The game puts you in charge of your own sci-fi sports team in one of the most brutal leagues out there. Score strikes against your opponent while they try and crush you into the ground.

The changes made to the game come after four seasons of the original game, as well as loads of player feedback over the years. You'll find an entirely new league system, rebuilt from the ground up to accommodate expanded teams where players learn new skills as you go. The figures are also updated, coming pre-assembled, so they're ready to play right out of the box. There's also several new teams that you can take out onto the pitch. Coaches and Cheerleaders also work differently, able to add a bit more to the game.

This is a pretty quick Kickstarter campaign. It'll all be over in just 16 days if you'd like to get in on it.