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Mantic Kickstarter finishes tomorrow!

Mantic is sprinting towards the end of their Kickstarter campaign. They wanted to just make sure that anyone else that was out there that wanted to get in could know what you'd be in for if you went in for the $100-level, and so they made this handy chart.

From the update:

WOW! As we approach the end of our Kickstarter Project we’ve broken all kind of milestones - we’ve created 15 new units, a host of cool goodies like the Mantica Lithoprint map and there are at least five new hero sculpts being created, maybe even more!

And the insane thing is we’re still going!

This unbelievable once in a life time chance finishes on Sunday 24th 3:17pm EDT meaning there is only this weekend left to get involved with the best Kings of War deal we’re ever going to do!