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Mantic holds "Name the Night Spawn" competition

Mantic wants you to be part of the game design phase and help to name the Veer-myn Night Spawn.

From the announcement:

Mhorgoth the Faceless. Elthenar Bladedancer. There’s some pretty cools characters developing in our games as we build the world and the background behind the armies. Similarly, the background for Warpath is growing as well but as of yet, there aren’t really any standout characters – and that’s where we need you.

The Veer-myn Night Spawn is just ripe for a naming competition and we want you to name a Night Spawn character – list your suggestions in this thread here and Alessio will pick the best name and use it in the background going forwards. You’ll be accredited for your name and we’ll even send you a free Night Spawn character as a prize.

We’ve got a deadline of the 9th April otherwise Collette is going to call the figure “Van Dam Veer-myn” – best hurry!