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Mantic holding 10,000 Like contest on Facebook

Mantic is closing in on 10k Likes over on their Facebook page. When they cross that mark, they're going to have a big giveaway.

From the announcement:

Mantic are about to hit 10,000 Likes on their Facebook page, and to celebrate they're going to give away £100 in web vouchers to one lucky follower. If they hit the magic number before the end of the week, they're going to increase it to £150!

The vouchers can be used towards any products in the Mantic webstore, and with Mantic's trademark value that means a lot of minatures - especially when coupled with their current army deals, like Gakamak's Green Horde (110 Orc & Goblin models) or Ilona's Death Guard (143 Undead models).

Even if you're not interested in Kings of War, this could be a great chance to pick up a free army for your favourite fantasy mass-battle game. What are you waiting for?