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Mantic Headed to Gen Con

Yes! More about Gen Con! It's the greatest 4 days in gaming! Of course there's more to talk about! This time, it's Mantic.

Most of Mantic's games are still rather new (in terms of games, anyway) and you may not have tried one out yet. As such, most of the events that they'll be running will be Learn to Play events. They have them for the new Kings of War, Mars Attacks, DreadBall, and Deadzone. More than just a simple demo, these are in-depth looks at how each of those systems works and leaves you feeling like you're ready to get started with your own forces right away. In fact, as part of the deals that Mantic will have during the show, if you play in one of these, you'll get a 10% coupon for any product at the Mantic booth. Want to just try the game out with a demo? You'll get a 10% coupon for the core set for the game you just played. Also, you can pre-order Dungeon Saga at the booth and still get the Legendary Mortibris special figure when the game comes in.

Of course, they'll have tournaments going as well, including their qualifier for their finals which will be held at Adepticon.

So stop by. Say hi. Give Ronnie a hug (tell him I sent you). It'll be great.