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Mantic having a special sale on DreadBall in their webshop

Mantic has a special deal on DreadBall going on now over in their webshop.


From the sales sheet:

With DreadBall now in its second year, Mantic are putting their money where their mouth is and making it easier than ever to get into the Futuristic Sports Game.

There are already leagues and tournaments being played worldwide, but there are still people out there who haven't tried their hand at DreadBall yet. Well, now it's easier than ever to get started, with a special offer that's on until the end of January!

Until 31/01/14, in our webshop and through retailers, anyone who purchases a copy of DreadBall Kick-Off will receive an Extra Time pack - entirely free! This means you can start your DreadBall Experience with two teams, pitch, cards, referee and all the dice and counters you need to play for just £29.99/$49.99.

The free Extra Time set adds to Kick-off's basic rules by giving you the the Ref, Cards and a digital download of the complete Rulebook so you can use the full ruleset, including rules for running and participating in Leagues!