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Mantic Gives Non-Gamers A Quick Walking Dead Intro

Here on TGN, in one of the first The Walking Dead: All Out War, there was a comment that the person's wife had not ever been a minis gamer, but now she probably will be once this game comes out. A game such as this, that is based on a property that engages a lot of different people via the comic books and the TV show, will hopefully bring new gamers to the table. But how do you introduce the system to a non-gamer? Mantic has a little ditty you can have them look over.

If you're already a gamer, this article might not be for you, directly. But if you have friends or relative that like The Walking Dead, then you might just want to show them what Mantic typed up. It shows how the game is sort of like a board game. But since most people know "board games" as stuff like Monopoly and Clue, it also explains how the game is different (not using board spaces, for example).

Check it out and pass the link along to those you might know that aren't gamers that might be interested in the new game. Having more people as part of the community isn't a bad thing, in general.