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Mantic Games shows off their Veer-myn

Mantic Games shows off their Veer-myn models on their website with a new video review.

It’s all about Project Pandora every afternoon this week as we delve into the game with videos, photos, a “battle report” (well, me trying to fend off a horde of spanish Veer-myn Night-Crawlers) and more.

Today, we’re going to have a much closer look at the Veer-myn – a 360 look in fact, with help from our fine friends at Beasts of War:

Pictured in glorious detail above are the unit leader with pistol and blade, a Night-Crawler with Chem-Thrower BFG and a standard ‘Crawler with a Veer-myn rifle (some kind of chemical raygun). There’s a total of 10 Night-Crawlers in Project Pandora: Grim Cargo, and each comes with separate arms and heads making them among the most poseable board game pieces out there.