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Mantic Games Selling Limited Numbers of Kickstarter Edition of The Walking Dead: All Out War

Sometimes you just don't have the ability to get in on a Kickstarter campaign while it's running. You might miss the announcement or just not have the funds at the time or whatever other million reasons are out there. During the backerkit portion, you might still miss out. That's always a bummer. Well, more rarely, you get a company with a couple extra of the Kickstarter edition of their game that they're selling on their website. That's what we've got here, as Mantic has an extremely limited number of The Walking Dead: All Out War Kickstarter Edition available to order in their webshop.


This set comes with the core game, the Days Gone By expansion, as well as the 3D terrain pieces, and a bunch of booster packs, all of which come in a special Kickstarter-edition box. That includes all the various Kickstarter exclusives as well. This will more-than-likely be your last chance to get these not via the secondary market.

You can put in your order now, with boxes shipping out on the 29th.