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Mantic Games Salute Army Deals

Mantic Games will be attending Salute 2011 and will have special Army Deals. Mantic Games Undead SS 1 From their announcement:
So the big day approaches and we’ve been hastily building up a load of stock including some very cool Army Deals which you can get your mitts on during the day. These Army Deals are some of the biggest we’ve done yet (the largest Undead one has over 350 models in it) and we felt like you should be able to pick one up, even if you’re not at Salute. Mantic-Games-Undead-SS-1 So, we’ve now listed the contents and details of the nine Army Deals that will be available at Salute (and you’re going to have to hurry as these are in strictly limited quantities) on the website so you can get planning what it is you want. You can also order them online if you can’t attend Salute for a limited time only – not only do you qualify for free shipping, but these armies contain a plethora of free miniatures, including limited edition models, free rules and even pre-release miniatures. Check them out on the website for a full listing.