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Mantic Games previews new Drakkarim

Mantic Games previews the new Drakkarim with rocket launcher and flame thrower.

From their preview:

So we’re going to be having a bit of a February Fortnight, with a Forge Father special all this week – for all you Kings of War fanatics we’ll have some Goblins and some Twilight Kin to get your teeth into next week!

This week we’re going to be going through all the fantastic new conversion parts you get with the new Drakkarim and Steel Warrior with Tactical Upgrade boxes and a load of other Forge Father related stuff. Naturally, we’re going to start with the most explosive stuff before we get a fully painted unit at the end of the week… so here we go with the Mjolnir Rocket Launcher and Dragon’s Breath special weapons!

Comments below guys, and don’t forget to check back later for more blog goodness!

PS – some of you have noticed that we’ve put the pre-orders up for the core sets . Well, we’ll also be doing a couple of bags of loose components as well for those of you who want to upgrade the plastic sprues you’ve already got. Keep watching the site over the next couple of days.