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Mantic Games Previews GCPS For Deadzone

While the GCPS isn't normally the ones headed into Deadzones, sometimes that's all that will work against whatever threat to humanity is to be found there. And keeping humans safe is what the GCPS is all about. Ever since the Mandrake Rebellion, they have redoubled their efforts to make sure the future is for humans. We get a look at this new faction in this preview that Mantic has posted up.

From the post:

Today we’re introducing an entirely new faction for you games of Deadzone. They’ve been featured in the background a lot, but at long last, the GCPS are taking to the field!

The events of the Mandrake Rebellion showed the GCPS’ rulers that aliens cannot be trusted with humanity’s fate. For this reason the various private militaries of the GCPS are almost exclusively human – being simultaneously the first among equals, while also populous enough to be considered expendable by corporate executives.

GCPS marine forces are rarely deployed to Deadzones, mostly because no corporation would risk the Council’s ire trying to circumvent a Containment Protocol. In exchange for safeguarding frontier commerce that a Plague incursion, Veer-Myn infestation, or open rebellion would jeopardise, CEOs prefer to let the Enforcer Corps conduct their gruesome work and simply write off any local assets from their ledgers, an exercise in sunk costs versus future investment opportunities elsewhere. Of course, these local assets often include defence garrisons, marine regiments or security details, soldiers with the sheer misfortune of being around when Containment is declared and left for dead.

It is a testament to the courage and resourcefulness of humanity that there are still organised and effective militaries fighting in active Deadzones across the galaxy, although no record will remain of their bravery.