Mantic Games Previews Corporation Concept Art

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Nov 28th, 2011

Mantic Games Previews Corporation Concept Art:

From their announcement:

To celebrate Cyber Monday we bring you gifts ranging from the last 24 hours of our US$ 15% off voucher code (that’s THANKSGIVING2011 to any one that missed it), to this concept art for the Corporation:

The Corporation are coming in March 2012. For the first look at the Corporation models, make sure your signed-up to our newsletter for your Christmas Day Corporation Present and all of the latest news and gossip on forthcoming Mantic releases.

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  • Haibane

    Interestingly generic – depending on how much of the detail transfers to the models, I can see these being used for a lot of sci-fi games, esp if they can keep the well-proportioned body parts.

  • umbe0471

    Nice, we already have the Squats and the Orks, now we get cadians.

  • -DE-

    Finally, a general release of Elysians! Good job, GW!

  • Repeter

    I had something good to say, but I fell asleep while looking over that concept art…

  • Cherno

    I assume this is indicative of a new sci-fi ruleset release by Mantic, coming 2012?

    • blkdymnd

      A little late, Warpath was released last month

  • Cherno

    Heh, I’d never would have thought those “hard sci-fi” corp troops belong to the Warhammerish Warpath universe

  • Very nice! Finally some sensible looking human troopers. I am so glad they do not look like part of the 40k world! Combine these with Bob Olley’s squats, and we’re off to the races.