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Aug 8th, 2017
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Everyone’s chomping at the bit to get to Indianapolis and get Gen Con started. Much of that is because of all the cool special deals, pre-releases, and show exclusives that’ll be available. Mantic’s going to be there. And they’re letting you know what sort of specials they’re going to be running.

About the specials:

We’re at Booth #835 and we’ll be carrying the following show exclusive products (Excl.) and pre-releases (Pre). Lee & Clementine are strictly limited to 2 per customer. Wave 3 products are up to 2 months

[Excl.] Lee & Clementine
[Excl.] The Walking Dead: All Out War – Kickstarter Edition*
[Pre] Safety Behind Bars
[Pre] Michonne
[Pre] Rick, Prison Advisor
[Pre] Andrea, Prison Sniper
[Pre] Morgan, Distraught Father
[Pre] Glenn, Prison Guard**
[Pre] Maggie, Prison Defender**
[Pre] Roamer Booster
[Pre] Deluxe Mat – Prison Grounds

*- The Walking Dead: All Out War core game; Days Gone Bye; the Andrea, Lori, Shane, and Carol Boosters; Kickstarter exclusive Negan, Michonne, Abraham, ‘Ronnie’ Walker Sheriff’s Badge, and Police kit-bag models
**- Retail Exclusive

To close out today’s blog, we’ll give you the Booth Deals we’re running over at #835 for every Gen Con attendee:

Buy 2 Warpath vehicles and get cheapest half price
$50 The Walking Dead: All Out War deal: core set + any 1 Booster
$100 The Walking Dead: All Out War deal: core set + any 1 Expansion + any 2 Boosters
$180 The Walking Dead: All Out War Wave 3 bundle deal***

***- Safety Behind Bars Expansion; The Michonne, Rick (Prison Advisor), Andrea (Prison Sniper), Morgan (Distraught Father), Glenn (Prison Guard), Maggie (Prison Defender), and Roamer Boosters; and the Prison Grounds deluxe mat


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  • Davos Seaworth

    I like Mantic, and I like their Walking Dead All Out War game, but keeping up with these waves of content really drains the wallet. I mean, $180 just for the wave 3 bundle! And that’s after shelling out the same amount for each of waves 1 and 2. And that’s just for the storyline up to the prison! There have to be at least 5-7 waves left. We’re talking Magic The Gathering levels of dollar outflow here.