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Mantic Games Posts GCPS Deadzone rules

We all know my love of getting to see the rules for things before I buy them. I like being an informed consumer. Well, Mantic is known for having rules online, and that includes for things that aren't even out yet. The GCPS is the new faction coming for Deadzone, and to get you excited for them and so you can know what you're getting when they come out, Mantic's posted their stats online.

From the announcement:

The GCPS are almost here and to celebrate we're giving newsletters subscribers the GCPS Deadzone rules before anyone else! You can now download this eight-page booklet, which contains all the stats and units needed to field the GCPS in your games of Deadzone!

The stats have been put together by the Deadzone Rules Committee and they've created a force that excels in firepower and the ability to overwhelm the enemy with relatively inexpensive units.Along with the units, there's also a handy weapons guide, so you know what to field in your force. That Thermal Rifle certainly looks rather tasty.

If the free rules have whetted your appetite, then make sure you pre-order the GCPS Faction Starter, which includes 24 miniatures. The Faction Starter will start shipping from September 22nd.

Rules Download Page