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Mantic Games Painting Competition still accepting entries

Mantic Games is now accepting online submissions to their Orcies painting competition. From their announcement:
The first Orcies painting competition is coming to an exciting climax this weekend as our painting competition is judged by the guys from Golem at our awesome Open Day event. We’re sure those of you with tickets have been furiously bashing away at the brushes, painting up a Single Miniature, Mounted Miniature and a Unit (looking at you John Martin.), but that doesn’t mean if you haven’t got a ticket, you cannot participate. No, the Orcies – and indeed, the Open Day – is a global event and we’ve just made the Online Category and Galleries live for you to post your entries in.
Anyone can enter Mantic’s inaugural painting competition and, if you enter online, all you have to do is submit two photos to our Facebook account in the respective gallery – one of the mini and one of yourself with the mini. And why wouldn’t you when there’s an exclusive Golden Orcy trophy in it for you?. You have until 10PM Friday 8th to get your entries in and, for full competition guidelines, check out our The Orcies page here. Of course, the painting competition isn’t the only thing happening at the Open Day – we’ve got participation games, exclusive previews (*cough* Warpath *cough*) as well as more than one limited edition miniature on sale – we’ll be making all the show deals and exclusives available on the website however, so keep checking back all this week and all weekend long as we engage in online chats and make some absolutely mindblowing exclusives available on our store on Saturday and Sunday. If you haven’t got a ticket yet, you need to act really fast because we are quickly approaching full capacity – get them here.