Mantic Games Open Day

Mantic Games will be holding an Open Day on 9th October.

From their announcement:

On October 9th we are hosting an open day to showcase everything Mantic – right here in in Mantic Towers. Many of our “Celebrities” will be in attendance, including Alessio Cavatore, to name just one, who will be on hand to talk to and answer any of your rules questions and he will be running demos of our brand new game. We’ll also host a large Demo game – so you will get to feel the full Kings of War experience with two of our beautifully painted armies.

We will have all of our painted miniatures on display, and there will be a store set-up where you will be able to purchase any of our product range – and even pick your own plastic and metal – straight from the tubs.

These Revenant Knights have begun the march to Mantic Towers… will you join them?

To come along all you have to do is purchase your tickets here.

We don’t want to charge for tickets – but we need to have some idea of attendance numbers. So we are offering a large range of ticket deals to suit everyone’s needs, ranging from single tickets, family/group tickets, all the way up to large club packs – and there are lots of freebies and goodies for every attendee – so you will get more than double your entry fee back in gifts.

For each person that attends they will receive a poster of their choice, which they will be able to get signed on the day, and then a choice of a free pair of clippers, a free glue or selected Elf sprues – and 2 free white Dwarfs. So as you can see you get a lot of really cool stuff included with your ticket.