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Mantic Games Mantic Journal Now Available Through Wargame Vault

Mantic Games announces the Journal might have ended as an ongoing magazine but it will continue to live on through the medium of digital download:

From their post:

We’ve hooked up with Wargame Vault to supply digital journals for download. Issues 1-3 are currently available and with more to add in the future, Wargame Vault will be the go-to place for downloading a number of Mantic prints digitally in the future!

Of course, our core rules and army lists continue to be available for free download and we’ve just added the Spanish translation of Warpath to our gaming section.

We just wanted to say thank you to all of our newsletter subscribers for signing up and sticking with us – every month we’ll be giving away more free stuff, including on Christmas Day where you can expect a Corporation Christmas present from us.