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Mantic Games limited on Warpath T-Shirt

Mantic Games is running on low supply for their limited run Warpath t-shirt.

From their website:

We’re fast going through our Warpath Army Deals and what this means is that our Warpath T-shirt is getting more and more limited – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

The Warpath T-shirt is available in 3 easy ways:

  • Free as part of one of our Ultimate Army Deals

  • ncluded in our Deluxe Kit, with Warpaints, Assembly kit and more!

  • Available as a Deluxe your Order item: Add a t-shirt for just £7.99 with any Mantic webstore order.

But the Warpath T-Shirt isn’t the only item that is selling fast.

Packed full of goodies, the Warpath Ultimate and Mega-army deals won’t be around for much longer. The Ultimate Warpath deal has over 130 figures, 6 Vehicles, free heroes, a free Warpath T-Shirt and a free printed copy of the new Warpath rules. The Marauder Army Deals will be ending on the 24th October.

If you want yours, don’t miss out – get over to the Mantic webstore!