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Mantic Games launches The Walking Dead: All Out War Painting Competition

Mantic Games launches The Walking Dead: All Out War Painting Competition

My painting skills are lacking. They really are. I’ve not painted anything of note for some time now. So, that means you don’t have to worry about me swooping in and taking the top prize in Mantic’s The Walking Dead: All Out War Painting Competition.

From the announcement:

That’s right, we want to see your incredible work on Rick, or perhaps a stunning paint job on a particularly nasty Walker. Plus, we’ve even got a special category for diorama pieces featuring two or more miniatures, which means you can recreate some of the iconic moments from the comic – Rick meeting back up with Lori and Carl, Dale keeping watch in the Atlanta Camp, Rick riding through Atlanta on his horse surrounded by Walkers… the choice is yours!
The Mantic Team will have the challenging task of picking the overall winner in each category. Each winner will be awarded our superb Brush with Death trophy.

There are two categories to choose from:
•The Walking Dead: All Out War – Single Miniature
•The Walking Dead: All Out War – Diorama

In order to enter, simply take a good quality image of your painted model and submit it by email to [email protected]. Make sure that you include your name and what categories you are entering – you may enter both categories through one email, but each category may only be entered once.

If you’re struggling to take decent pictures of your miniatures, there’s a handy guide over on the Beasts of War forum.
The closing date for the competition will be Midnight (GMT) on Monday 20th February – all entries must be received before this time. The winning entries will be announced on Monday 27th February.

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