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Mantic Games givs us a look at the Veer-myn Night Spawn Concept Art

Mantic Games shows off their Veery-myn Night Spawn concept art.
You're going to need a better mousetrap for this one, fellas.

You'll be the one going "eek! eek!"

In last week’s newsletter we posted up a concept sketch of the Veer-myn Night Spawn to accompany our “Mantic Elite is ending” story.

The Night Spawn is the Veer-myn hero and is included free alongside the Corporation Major-General in the Mantic Elite sub package, which will also net you the Corporation Army Set, Project Pandora and the Veer-myn army set before anyone else.

Mantic Elite is still available until tomorrow night – don’t miss it. To find out more about Mantic Elite, click here.