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Mantic Games Gives The Walking Dead: All Out War Kickstarter Details

We're just under a week away from the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for The Walking Dead: All Out War, Mantic's new miniatures game based, obviously, on The Walking Dead series of comics. With this time, Mantic's giving us a look inside what the starter set will consist of, as well as letting us know what changes they plan on making to how they handle Kickstarter campaigns.


So there you can see what you should expect to get in the starter set. That is, of course, before any sort of upgrades or additions it might receive during the Kickstarter campaign. The MSRP of the box, when it eventually hits store shelves, will be £35/$50, and £12.50 and $20 boosters.

As for fulfilling the Kickstarter, Mantic is planning on doing it all in one wave of shipping. They hope that this will increase accuracy of contents for shipments (since it's only one box to have to worry about for each backer, as opposed to "what got shipped out last time?" sort of things). That is unless they get through a bunch of stretch goals and can unlock the first several expansions of the game, which they hope will bring in new heroes, villains, and variant play styles to the game. Those would be shipped out in later waves.