Mantic Games free shipping end Sunday midnight

Mantic Games' free shipping offer ends Sunday at midnight. Undead Lord.jpg From their announcement:
April has been a hectic month with the rise of the Undead heroes, the launch of our new paint set and the release of Mantic's first monster miniature – the Elf Lord on Battle Dragon. This weekend sees May's pre-orders go up on the website and, handily, it's just before Free Shipping ends. With a couple of days of free shipping left, we've made several new kits available to help expand your Elf and Undead collections, as well as launch our Mantic Paint Set, Assembly Kit and of course, the Mantic Journal. By using the FREEDELWW code in the checkout area, you could be getting your hands on the new Elven Palace Guard, Undead Wraiths and perhaps the most stunning miniature we've done yet – the Vampire Lord on Pegasus, all with Free Shipping. Of course, the FREEDELWW code isn't limited to just these sets; in fact, if there's ever a time to start or expand a collection, the army deal sets - Malak's Legion of Death and Tydarion's Dragon Host, are also available with Free Shipping. That's a massive chunk of plastic (over 100 Figures in fact.) and metal delivered free to your door – what better way to do it? Remember: Free Shipping ends Sunday 2nd May – don't miss it.