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Mantic Games fixes Crazy Bundle link

Mantic Games is still having their Crazy Bundle sale. The link from before was apparently broken. They've fixed it now.

You may have noticed that the link to the Crazy Bag and Crazy Bundle was broken on our newsletter on Friday. Thanks to everyone who called, emailed and left us messages on Facebook to let us know! The broken link didn’t stop the tidal wave of people ordering the Crazy Bag however and we are now officially out of stock of the Mantic Messenger Bag, which means an end to the crazy bag.

The crazy bundle is still in stock however – 20 great plastic sprues for just £20. This random assortment of plastic goodness is great for adding miniatures to your collection or for getting a huge amount of components for kit bashing and converting.

It’s not hanging around long either – we can only offer it until 11:59pm Monday 7th May.