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Mantic Games Announces Star Saga

Mantic has announced that they're working on a new dungeon-crawler style board game. This one's called Star Saga. Instead of some dark dungeon or dank cave, you're headed out into the stars to fight baddies in derelict spaceships and planetary colonies. The game takes place in the Warpath universe, so I'm sure you can expect a lot of crossover with the various characters and lore that we've come to know.

Star Saga is the spiritual successor to Dungeon Saga. That is, the rules that were first brought out for the fantasy game have been refined, retooled, and reworked to be an even easier-to-use and intuitive set of rules. Players will take on groups of minions led by ruthless bosses as they go through various story-driven scenarios. You're never quite sure what sort of plot twists lie ahead, but that's half the fun.