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Mantic Games Announces New Expansion for DreadBall

You've seen it played in the glitz of professional arenas all around the galaxy. You've seen it taken to the back alleys and abandoned warehouses. Now, see DreadBall in an entirely new light as the game heads in all new directions, almost literally. Mantic has announced DreadBall: Xtreme Xpansion. And pre-orders are happening now, too.


There's two being things (one literally) coming with this new set. The main one is a new modular set of tiles with which you can create your pitch. There are some suggested layouts, but players are also encouraged to come up with whatever game board they want. From simply odd 2-player boards, all the way up to 6-player battle arenas, the layout choice is yours.

The other new item for the game are Giants. These are four new special character players. Each of them will be a major factor in any game that they participate in.

The new Xtreme Xpansion is £39.99 and comes with the modular tiles, the rulebook, and the four Giants. You can pre-order your copy now. They will start shipping out at the end of July.