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Mantic Games Announces New Bases Available

Mantic Games Announces New Bases Available:

From their announcement:

Two new sizes of Mantic bases have been added to our webstore!

First up is the 25mm Square Base used in the Kings of War Orc army. With 12 bases on one strip and our trademark circular slot that push-fits with the stands our figures come on, you can get this sprue individually or in bundles of 5 sprues or 10.

Next up is the 25mm Round Bases used for both the Warpath Forge Fathers and Marauder – 10 round on a sprue. With the same bundles available, you can quickly collect a load of round bases for whatever project it is you’re working on (we’ve heard of all manner of different requests, including getting them alongside the Gravestalker deal).

Don’t forget that we also have a range of Army Painter basing material on our website. We offer four different types of Battlefields Basing, so why not check them out and see what suits your army.