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Mantic Games announce Blister Range

Mantic Games will be be releasing a range of single metal fantasy figures in blisters.

From their announcement:
Hot on the heels of the Warpath announcement comes the exclusive announcement that Mantic will be launching it’s new Blister range in July. The figures are cast in high quality metal and the initial wave will consist of six packs, combining the most popular heroes from the Kings of War range with brand new sculpts unique to the blisters.

Ronnie Renton, CEO of Mantic Games, had this to say:
“The hobby community want nicely sculpted high quality hero figures in a material that they can trust, at a price they can afford; so we’ve done it, and are releasing our initial blister range in July.”

Of the initial six blisters in the range, the first four are:
  • Abyssal Dwarf King,

  • Elf King,

  • Undead Mhorgoth the Faceless

  • Dwarf Warsmith,

Further to that, a unique Orc model will be unveiled next week (so check back to TGN on Monday for more!) and a secret sixth blister will be unveiled very soon.