Mantic Games add new Troop sets

Mantic Games have added new Dwarven troop sets to their online store.

Dwarven troops

From their announcement:

Not content with offering the amazing Berserker and Ironguard sets with command options, Mantic have added new 5-man troop sets that will let you flesh out the ranks of these Dwarven Elites.

With new photography of the units now uploaded to the website, the metal Ironguards make excellent Veterans and exciting additions to any Dwarf regiment.

The Berserkers on the other hand rival the Revenant Knights and there headstrong nature makes them awesome additions to any gaming table, no matter the game you’re playing.

The Ironguard Troop set is now available to order from the Mantic website whilst the Berserkers will be released in September. With a free bag on orders over £50, order now to avoid disappointment.