Mantic Game available at HobbyCraft store

Mantic Games have announced that their 28mm plastic figures are now available from HobbyCraft stores in the UK. From their website:
Mantic are proud to announce that the Kings of War range is now in a number of HobbyCraft stores across the UK! Found in Chester, Gateshead, Havant and Milton Keynes, to Maidstone, Northampton and of course Nottingham, the Mantic range of Elves and Undead – and soon to be dwarfs, are in store. We were so excited, we visited the Nottingham store! Here’s what we were met with! For all of the addresses for these stores, and many more stockists of Mantic Games, follow the link for our stockists page. We’re currently updating our website all of the time, so this list doesn’t yet include businesses outside of the UK – we’re working hard on it though!