Mantic Elven cavalry available for pre-order

Mantic Games are now offering several pre-order deals for their 28mm Elven cavalry.

From their announcement:

The Elven Cavalry are now up on the website for advance order.

These metal figures are available in two sets, allowing you to either collect five cavalry figures with a champion, standard bearer and musician, or 5 standard Elven riders. Armed with lances and shields, these heavily armoured Elven Knights ride noble Elven steeds to battle. These horses are created in two halves and are interchangeable, allowing you to create a mixture of poses to add variety to the unit.

Continuing in true Mantic style, we have a bundle deal available combining the troop and command cavalry sets together, all at a special price of course. If you’ve ever wanted an army of cavalry to storm down your enemies flanks, or are simply looking for the most affordable way to pick up metal cavalry figures, this deal is the only way to go.

To advance order your cavalry now, click here or here for a full Elven force with 100’s of models at a very special price.