Mantic Dwarven War Council and Berserkers available for pre-order

Mantic Games are taking pre-orders for their Dwarven War Council and Berserkers.

From their announcement:

All the Dwarf plastic pre-orders are now in the post and shipping, so if you ordered a warhost or an army deal keep watching that letter box. The Dwarf Warhost contains 20 Ironclad, 20 Ironwatch and 2 Ironbelcher Dwarf warmachines.
For all those who were lucky enough to order a Grafe’s Steel Legion they will soon be receiving a whole army of tough Dwarf warriors, with heroes, troops and war-machines.

The set also included a pre-release of the amazing new metal Dwarf Berserkers and the Dwarf High King’s Counsel; containing four metal heroes – a Dwarf King, an Army Standard Bearer, a Warsmith and a Berserker Lord.

The Berserkers and The Dwarf King’s War Council are available for pre-order and will be shipping from the 24th September 2010.
These units are now available to pre-order – and we think they’re so nice it won’t just be Dwarf general’s who are buying them.

New Products Available
We’ve also added 2 new products to the Dwarf range. We are releasing a Berserker troop box, which is up for pre-order, and an Ironguard troop box, which is on sale now. These sets are perfect for fleshing out the ranks of your elite units with gorgeous models, adding a rank of 5 troops to go with the command sets currently available.