Mantic Dwarf Warmachines now available to pre-order

Mantic Games are accepting pre-orders for their 28mm Dwarf Warmachines.

Mantic Games Flame Belcher

From their announcement:

Mantic have not one, not two, but three new Dwarf Warmachines up for pre-order, to be shipped out in August 18th.

The Dwarf Ironbelcher set contains enough pieces to build either one plastic Dwarf Cannon or one Dwarf Organ Gun, whilst the Ironbelcher Battery allows for two of these powerful warmachines to be built, allowing you to build either 2 cannons, 2 organ guns or 1 of each.

Furthermore, the Flame Belcher kit lets you add a rare and dangerous warmachine to support the ranked masses of dwarfs.
Each of these kits are available to pre-order as separate kits or as part of Grafe’s Steel Legion – a huge army deal at unbelievable value.

For more details on each of these amazing kits, check out the Mantic Games Website.