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Mantic Dwarf Hub now live

Mantic Games have added the Dwarf Hub to their website. From their website:
The Dwarf Hub has now gone live on the Mantic website and contains concept art, background, hobby articles and more. We kick off the mega-miniatures marathon with a shiny new hub for the Dwarfs to hang-out in, accompanying the existing Undead, Orcs, Abyssal Dwarf and the recently created Kings of War and Dwarf King’s Hold portals. Like all of our hubs, this new one has a load of concept art in it, all of the Dwarf background in the Tales from the Forge, hobby articles as well as your free-to-download army list – though don’t forget, you can get all of your free rules and army lists here in the Kings of War hub. The Dwarf Hub is the place to be if you’re a dwarf collector and more content will be added as it becomes available. Don’t forget our forums as well.