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Mantic Digital launches on 27th January with 5 new DreadBall titles

Mantic is going digital with their DreadBall titles, allowing players all the rulebooks and supplements right at your fingertips.


From the announcement:

Okay, here we go. This is one of the most exciting things I’ve posted about in ages. Several months ago we were approached by a chap called Andrew from a company called Purple Guerrilla, who had some crazy ideas about what we could be doing with our DreadBall rulebook. Skip forward to today; we find ourselves on the edge of something awesome. What’s it all about? I’ll let the man himself explain it all…

Mantic Digital is all about buying once and reading anywhere. That means every book and companion app will work as well on the web as on your tablet, smartphone and even on e-Ink devices like the Kindle.*

Mantic Digital eBooks will have all of the following features:

- Easy to navigate. You can jump between sections, or even books, by accessing the menu and choosing the relevant sub-heading.

- Definition popups. Want to know what the Misdirect ability does? Press on it to get pop-up rule details without losing your place.

- Media galleries. See beautifully painted miniatures in high definition!

- It’s alive! Your Mantic Digital purchase will automatically update with the latest FAQs and Errata.

- Buy once, read anywhere. Once you’ve made your purchase, you can read your rulebook on Android, iOS, Kindle* and more.

- Mobile ready. Unlike a lot of online rulebooks, Mantic Digital products will adapt to any screen size – even a smartphone.

- Beautifully (re)designed pages. Digital content doesn’t have to be ugly, and we’ve used Mantic’s art resources to give the books some real character.

-Stream or download. Save space on your device by streaming, or access your rulebook anywhere with a download – it’s up to you.

*Not all functionality is available on e-Ink devices, but we’ve still packed in as many features as technically possible and built them with the same attention to detail as their parent books.

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